Next Event: August 2018: Stay tuned

August 31 2018
Vancouver, Canada : CodeCore
142 W Hastings St
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B1G8 Canada
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31 August 2018

Next Event: August 2018: Stay tuned

Vancouver, Canada : CodeCore
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Features and Implementation of Windows Azure

Windows Azure is certainly among the most innovative and extensively used cloud development platforms that are known today. In particular, the platform is very essential for small and medium-sized businesses. It comes with a number of features that enable users to meet their business demands in all respects. If a small or medium-sized business’s

Different Types of Cloud Computing – How to Identify Clouds

Cloud computing has been continuing to be the leader in the provision of highly innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. This is the computing platform that was established to erase the shortcomings of the non-cloud computing platforms. This explains why it is very popular today.

Understanding Cloud Computing and Its Worth

Cloud computing is the new trend in this age of modernization. It is as important to the world of computer information and technology in this era as power and electricity were to the previous era. Cloud computing is basically the force, which helps in flipping the ration and provides the IT departments and organizations the […]

Event Feedback

Thanks for the pizza and beer!

Nadine Spuls

It’s a great group

Daniele Buzzurro

Can’t beat the cool factor!!!!

Anthony Maw

It’s good, I am glad to see a meetup group dedicated to cloud computing — 5 stars!

John Weintraub

Excellent meeting to talk about technology and transformation of it to the cloud

Terence S.

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